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First salad multi-pellet on the market. Grow with the ease of pre-made mixes. Enjoy as both a colorful, mixed-texture ornamental and a delicious, nutritious edible.


  • Three mixes available:
  • Alfresco Blend - Lettuces with arugula, endive and radicchio give a true Mediterranean flavor and feel.
  • City Garden Blend - Lettuces that are easy on the palate – the most traditional mix.
  • Global Gourmet Blend - Lettuces, Brassicas and Asian herbs make a nice mix of Asian flavors that can be used in a salad or as stir-fry


  • On the bench, SimplySalad is easy to produce with a very quick crop time, perfect for early Spring and Autumn programs.
  • Multi-pellets are efficient to sow in plugs or direct to the final container, and since varieties can’t separate in the seed hopper, the multi-pellet assures a well-balanced mix with one sowing
  • Grow in 4 to 6" pots and colour bowls. Can be sown directly in final container, cutting down an already short crop time.
  • Gardeners can harvest every 3 weeks by cutting back to 2" and SimplySalad will regrow several times for more fresh salads.
  • SimplySalad performs best in full sun in cool weather, or partial shade as temperatures warm up. Produces more vivid colours when finished cool.

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall

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Plants per
Crop Time (weeks to finish)
10" Pan/Bowl4-56-9
12" Bowl/Oval/Fiber5-66-9
8" Bowl3-44-7