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Gerbera Revolution is a group of 4 different sized gerberas to cover all uses. Mega Revolution offers the largest flower size. Revolution is the next largest flower offering 12 colors and 2 mixes. Mini Revolution offers a small flower. Micro Revolution comes only in a mix called Irish Eyes.


  • MEGA REVOLUTION: More vigorous growth habit creating a nice bushy plant with a 20% larger flower over the conventional Gerberas. High uniformity. Produce in 6" pots or larger.
  • MEGA REVOLUTION Colors: Champagne, Orange Dark Center, Purple Shades, Rose Green Center, Scarlet Dark Center, Watermelon, White, Golden Yellow Dark Center and Mix.
  • REVOLUTION: Best grown in 5-6" containers. Early flowering, fastest of all pot Gerbera. High uniformity in plant habit & earliness. Narrow flowering window. High bud count, mostly 3 or more flowers at time of sale.
  • REVOLUTION Colors: Baby Pink, Pastel Pink Shade/Dk Ctr., Pink/Grn Ctr., Red Dk Ctr., Neon Rose Dk Ctr, Rose Shds, Scarlet/Dk Ctr, Terracotta, White, Yellw/Dk Ctr, Yellw Grn Ctr, Gldn-Yellw Shds, Spring Mix and Mix
  • MINI REVOLUTION: Designed for 4" & 5" containers. Improved habit, earliness & shorter stem length than Mini-Color series. Colors: Red, Rose, White and Mix.
  • MICRO REVOLUTION: This series is perfect for 4" tightly grown or 6 packs. Irish Eyes Mix has more than 50% double and semi double flowers. Very compact, round-shaped plants. Colors: Irish Eyes Mix.
  • Sold as coated seed.


  • Excellent summer sellers. Schedule for premium pots late spring and summer.
  • Earliest pot Gerbera with superb seed quality. High percentage of useable seedlings 90%+.
  • Many container types & sizes can be used with the Revolution Series. From 4" premium pots to 10-12" patio containers, 10" hanging baskets, window boxes etc. Good in quarts, however variance in plant size shows in 6" and bigger.
  • The fastest pot Gerbera on the market to flower and with the least percentage of production scrap.
  • Mega Revolution Watermelon has great color but some flowering time differences.

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

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288 Cell Tray
128 Cell Tray1  8
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