Bacopa Scopia Gulliver White-URC
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Scopia's floriferous nature and large abundant early blooms distinguish the series. This is the best series for matching similar plant habit with a variety of color. All the varieties have a branched compact, trailing growth habit.


  • BAJA WHITE is a nice white variety with large flowers.
  • SCOPIA GREAT BLUE LAKE has masses of large dark blue flowers on a trailing plant habit.
  • SCOPIA GREAT PINK RING is an early, semi trailing vigorous plant. It has large light pink flowers with a purple halo.
  • SCOPIA GREAT DARK PINK has large dark pink flowers on green foliage. Semi-trailing, medium growth habit.
  • SCOPIA DOUBLE WHITE has large white flowers with green foliage. Early semi-trailing habit.
  • GULLIVER Colors: Blue Sensation, Lavender, Lilac, and White. The plants have large flowers on green foliage.


  • All varieties are bred for heat tolerance, durability and continous flowering.
  • Avoid drying out established plants as leaf burning & flower delay can occur.
  • Excellent in full sunlight or partial shade.
  • Ideal for hanging baskets, window boxes, flowerbeds and mixed containers.

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall

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